Day 1

Friday, June 12, 2015


Today marks the official start to our journey through "embryo adoption". While embryo adoption really isn't adoption at all it's a much nicer phrase than embryo "property transfer". So we will call it embryo adoption. Most states consider embryos property and you can't adopt property. Embryo donors donate left over embryos from their IVF cycle(s) to the recipient couple. The recipient couple (us) undergoes what's called a frozen embryo transfer in hopes that the embryo or embryos will implant and flourish into a healthy baby. Some states even allow you to formally adopt the child after the birth. 

Lots has happened to bring us to this point. Our desire is that sharing our story will help everyone to understand why we chose this path, for everyone to be able to keep track of where we are on this journey and to promote embryo adoption awareness. Our struggles are just part of the story. Rather than keep all of this a secret and tip toe around the subject we want to openly share every piece of this journey. When things get tough we want everyone to reach out with hugs and prayers. When our next baby finds us we want to celebrate with you and rejoice in God's faithfulness. There will be a lot of back tracking in this story but I will try to keep it straight. Stay tuned for the beginning of our journey called Infertile Blessings.
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