Half-Way Point - Already!?

Sunday, June 12, 2016

I can't believe I'm already 20 weeks pregnant! We had our anatomy ultrasound this week and baby snowflake is perfect. She's roughly 12 ounces and as healthy as can be. She's now the size of a banana, about 8 inches long. She was moving like crazy during the ultrasound but I am still not feeling anything. I have an anterior placenta which means the placenta is implanted to the front of my uterus. There are 3 centimeters of "cushion" between baby snowflake and I so it's going to take longer for me to feel her. She had her hands up by her face the entire time.

There are so many moments when I don't feel pregnant at all but today at church I felt like my belly really popped. My belly is starting to get a lot of attention but I'm still in that part of pregnancy where no one would say anything about my belly unless they already knew.

We got an awesome video of baby snowflake waving. Before I started filming we watched her sucking down amniotic fluid. She had the best suckle. She's going to be a great little nurser.

We have a name we've liked for a few weeks but I'm afraid we will still change our minds another 5 times before October comes along. We haven't decided if we will share the name before she is born. Adam laid his head on my belly the other day and talked to his daughter for the first time. Afterwards I told him he could name her whatever he wants if he keeps being that sweet. Men tend to have such a hard time bonding with their baby during pregnancy, some even for months after. I think our unique situation sort of amplifies that. But witnessing my husband's joy and excitement during the 20 week ultrasound is something I will never forget. I felt like this was the first step in his being able to bond with his (2nd) little girl.

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