32 weeks and getting big

Sunday, September 4, 2016

I'm not sure how 32 weeks got here so quickly.  My mother-in-law asked me the other day what else we need to do to get ready for baby. I have no idea!  How does one prepare for a baby with 40 weeks notice? We are used to 14 days.

I remember the night we brought Brennan home we were scrambling to put together the rock-n-play after having forgotten to bring any clothes or blankets to the hospital to get her. I had a few gender neutral sleepers and blankets in the dryer and several target bags on the floor in the dining room. That was as prepared as we got. Here is Brennan's going home attire.

We spent last weekend getting boxes out of the attic and switching Brennan's clothes over to her "big girl" room. Brennan won't sleep in there for several months after baby's arrival, mostly so we have some sort of guest room for our out of town family. We went through boxes and boxes of baby clothes and have just a few loads of laundry to do to finish getting ready. That's all I've got. Our incredible double stroller has been assembled, a sweet generous friend is letting us borrow her Halo Bassinest and we are good to go. Someone please tell me if I am missing something!?

We had an ultrasound for growth this week. I'm measuring a little bit small abdominally (2cm behind for those of you who know what that means) but baby girl is measuring a solid week ahead!  She's around 4 1/2 pounds, 71st percentile.

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PinkBlush - my pregnancy obsession!

Several patients tagged me in a Facebook post by PinkBlush Maternity searching for bloggers to model their clothes. They sent me the most beautiful dress to wear!  I have purchased several items from them and I can't get enough. Their clothes are true to size, are comfortable yet flattering, and to top it all off they are affordable. Because I have a larger bust, dresses that don't have a snug empire waist make we look huge. I paired this belt with this PinkBlush dress to give me a bit more shape. It's incredibly comfortable and will be something I can wear after pregnancy as well. This dress worked out perfectly for my baby shower. Make sure you check out their website. They sell Maternity, Women's, Baby and more!!

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