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We were literally standing in my kitchen and my husband was plunging a hormone filled needle into my belly when I got a life changing text. It said: “hypothetically speaking – if there was a newborn to adopt, would you be interested?” My husband and I decided to not talk about it too in depth right then, but he told me that his gut reaction was to say yes. She was due in 5 weeks and we were set to close on our South Carolina house just 3 days after her due date. We had no time to prepare. We spent the next 3 days praying and that Sunday was the first sermon in a series called "Change" at Newspring Church. Our pastor, Perry Noble, said that God wouldn’t lead us to change that he wouldn’t sustain us through. He used the bible verse Phillipians 4:13 – “I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” When we got home from church we both knew God wanted us to say “YES!”

Just 2 weeks later (3 weeks early) our little girl was brought into the world. We weren’t able to see her or go to the hospital until after the consent papers were signed and she was ready for discharge. I spent the first 36 hours of her life with butterflies in my stomach in anticipation for moment where I would get to meet her. My husband was back in Ohio on business and couldn’t get home.  I remember seeing her little bassinet
with her little pink blanket being wheeled into the room and looking at her beautiful face for the first time. I remember saying “Adam, this is our baby” and I could barely get the words out. After picking her up for the first time I was so overcome with happiness and love that my knees got weak and I had to sit down. Tears of joy filled my eyes and I spent the next several hours holding and admiring my little girl. I remember saying that I didn’t care if I ever got to experience pregnancy because the moment that I met my little girl for the first time was so incredible that none of that mattered.

I truly believe that we didn’t ever get pregnant on our own because God had our little girl already picked out for us, to enter our family through adoption. Since the moment she was born all I hear is “wow, your daughter really looks like you.”  I’m happy to tell them that while I didn’t give birth to her I truly believe that God made her for us, brought us to South Carolina to get her and made sure we would say yes. Brennan has recently become obsessed with every baby she sees. We can't wait to give her a little brother or sister. Of course my hormones have taken over and that desire to hold a baby in my belly and be to able to experience the bond of breastfeeding has returned. Thus leads us to embryo adoption.

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