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Monday, January 4, 2016

 We had our final test before the transfer. It's called a sonohysterogram or SHG. Some people call it a saline infusion sonogram. Basically it is a speculum exam with a little tube placed through the cervix to inject saline during a vaginal ultrasound. It is done to look at issues with with uterine lining such as polyps or fibroids. Fortunately ours was totally normal! 

The downside of the SHG: perfecting the art of urine holding and pint sized peeing. When I arrived for the ultrasound they had told me not to pee. They didn't tell me how much to drink only that I shouldn't empty my bladder. A grande latte and 2 hour car ride later my bladder felt pretty full. They asked me to give a tiny urine sample, just enough to do a pregnancy test, and to hold the rest. Talk about pressure! I succeeded and went back to the waiting room.

A little while later they called me back to scan my bladder. After way too long and a lot of pressure on my bladder they told me it wasn't full enough. I downed 2 bottles of water and waited for them to scan again. After the second scan my bladder was too full (and holy cow it hurt!). They had me get dressed again, go back to bathroom and only let 50 cc out. Man that's tough!! Finally my bladder was just the right size to lay my uterus flat for the mock transfer. The rest was a breeze! The mock transfer was easy and promising. 

I finally got to empty my bladder completely. What a relief! I signed a consent to only transfer one embryo and hit the road. Not 3 miles down the road my bladder was completely full again. Guess this is a good test for kidney function as well. My next post will be why we decided to only transfer one. 

Now here is the part where I ask for prayer. Please continue to pray for our cycle and transfer. Here is the prospective calendar of events:

Jan 12 - baseline ultrasound before starting lupron 

(Lupron prohibits ovulation and allows the physician more control over the uterine lining)

Lupron injections: starting January 12th

Last day of birth control pills: January 16th (will have taken 33 active birth control pills)

Estrogen start: January 21st

Lining check and bloodwork: February 1st

Prospective transfer date: February 8th

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