Day #5 and Counting

Friday, July 29, 2016

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a hard time sitting still. I like to keep busy. I have that "do everything now and relax later" sort of personality but "later" rarely comes. Well here I am 5 days into bed rest and I think I'm doing pretty well. My amazing husband has been my rock. He has been sleeping on an air mattress and working 8 hours a day from an uncomfortable hospital room chair. He gets me everything I need, takes me on wheelchair rides and makes sure that I am well taken care of. We haven't spent this much time together just the two of us since Brennan was born two and a half years ago. Even with the stress of the situation, the worry over baby snowflake and the less than ideal conditions my husband has been incredible. I miss Brennan like crazy but I think this is great for our marriage.

I'm 27 weeks 2 days and grateful for a day with fewer contractions. Praying it stays that way and we can get out of here at some point. Dr Newman said he'd like to watch me through the weekend so I'm still not sure when we are getting out of here. But no bleeding, happy baby, good ultrasound and quieter uterus. Things are continuing to look up. 

Whenever we FaceTime Brennan she gets super excited to hear her daddy's voice and sort of indifferent to me. Jealous already?? She tends to resent me when I'm gone a lot for work so I don't think she's happy with me. She is having a blast with Mimi, GG and Micah. She is very well taken care of. Here are the girls at their movie night picnic dinner... Little Mermaid I think. 

Maybe tomorrow I will post a few pictures of our luxurious hospital room. Wait til you see our bathroom! In all seriousness my stay has been very comfortable with great nurses, support staff and doctors. I am glad baby snowflake is in such capable hands. 

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