Cycle #2 Under Way

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Things are finally rolling again! We started a new med cycle this week. We kicked it off with 9 pills and an injection. This protocol is going to be very different then our last cycle but much more similar to the one that got me pregnant with my keeper. 

We won’t have a transfer date until early February but it should be somewhere between February 19 - 26. I want this so badly for the intended parents I’m just praying this is the one! 

Brennan (6 yo today) has always been the best little helper. So she decided she wanted to help with my meds. I told her she could do the injection and as soon as she saw the needle (seriously so tiny) she ran into the other room. She did decide to watch and I let her push the plunger. She was so excited! 

Here are my meds for this part of the protocol then we start 2 different forms of estrogen in February to build up my uterine lining. Most people would be worried about the injections. I’m worried about 3 courses of antibiotics in the next 30 days! When this works it will be worth every pill, shot, blood draw, ultrasound and procedure. 

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