26 weeks

Saturday, January 2, 2021

I was so excited to start feeling Baby Girl move much earlier than Blake. I started feeling her move at 18 weeks. She is now almost 26 weeks now and was measuring 1 lb 9 oz at 24 weeks (42%). We had a normal level II u/s and fetal echocardiogram. Her placenta was initially low lying but that has already resolved and she's already head down!  She had the hiccups during the entire 24 week ultrasound and the intended mom was able to feel her move for the first time. It was so precious!!  I can definitely tell she is getting more excited as time goes on and this gets more real for her.

My girls have decided to call her baby butterfly (fitting as I sit here feeling her flutter away in there).  Blake (4) was sitting beside me on the couch the other day and pushing her belly out. She said "mommy can you put your belly down?"  I said no ma'am I cannot lol. Aside from some mild shortness of breath I don't feel pregnant most of the time until my belly bumps into something or I feel her kick. 2nd trimester has been great. 

We've completed the pre-birth order for the state of SC which declares the intended parents as the legal guardians/parents of this baby. Because it's only done for this state I can't travel out of the state past 30 weeks. We are going to take advantage of our last window to travel and are taking the kids on a surprise trip to Disney World the week after Christmas!  We are SO excited.  They are going to lose their minds. I can't wait. 

Last week I had the pleasure of catching the baby of another gestational carrier. I got to spend time with the Intended Mom as well and was able to help facilitate their birth plan. The intended mom helped catch the baby and her reaction was absolutely priceless. It was a magical experience!!!  

Here are a few pics from the last few weeks. 

Polar Express!

24 week ultrasound

25 weeks

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