20 Week Update and a rough Ohio trip

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

21 Weeks and counting!  Crazy to think we are more than half way there.  I feel big but don't feel terrible.

Pretty sure I have a worsening hiatal hernia which is causing a lot of pain and vomiting. Having chest pain when I eat which is causing referred pain in my left shoulder. Sometimes it passes but sometimes I just have to throw up. At this point just praying it resolves after pregnancy and that I don't have to have it surgically repaired. 

Sweet baby Bubble Gum had a great anatomy scan and everything looked perfect. I've been feeling movement since 17 1/2 weeks.  Just felt the first kicks from the outside today.  He must be strong because I have an anterior placenta and the movement is still so subtle. We go back at 24 weeks for a fetal echo (higher risk of heart defects with IVF pregnancy).  He was measuring a week ahead but we'll just ignore that for now.

 Here's the link to my podcast interior covering infertility through: I Want to Put a Baby in You

Now the crazy Ohio trip.  I have to write this down because I'll never remember it all and couldn't make it up if I tried.

- Took us 12 hours to get there instead of 9 (traffic)

-  Middle of the freeway Blake pulls her seat belt down and puts gum on it then rolled it back up jamming it, so she's got no working seat belt - Adam scraped off what he could then covered it with a tissue so it would work temporarily

- After saying "Ohio doesn't want us here" it starts to downpour the second we arrive and need to unload the car

- My car AC (2 year old car!!) has been smelling like vinegar for 2 months. 5 mechanics can’t figure it out. So I sprayed a cleaner and had to run the AC with the windows open. A bird pooped INSIDE my car while it was airing out

- We take the kids to the amusement park and Brennan PUKES all over the inside of my car when we leave for the day (An hour and a half from home)…. Turns out she got a stomach bug and threw up 15-20 times until 4am so was up all night with her

- Next day I was exhausted and ended up with a fever and couldn't really eat, stayed in bed all day

- Went to the post office to apply for passport (mine expired 6 months ago of course) and they tell me they won’t accept an out of state license without a social security card. She asked me to run home and get it. Umm ma’am, I live in SC. Found online where they will accept an employer ID so they reluctantly accept it…. Then tell me 3mm of my hair is cut off in the photo from CVS and I have to pay to take it again. Of course.

- I find someone to clean my car and the next day my battery is dead because they left the doors open for 4 hours while they cleaned and didn't check it 
- The car won’t jump off my sister's car so I had to pay a tow company to come jump it

- Later that day we go to my nieces birthday party and end up leaving early because my fever is back and now I'm throwing up too

- The next day I wake up puking and we finish packing and head to Ohio - don't recommend driving 10 hours with a stomach bug but we didn't have much of a choice

And now we're home!!  Fortunately we are all well and life feels slightly less intimidating.  

Praying for another healthy 20 weeks!!
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