(almost) 16 weeks!

Monday, May 9, 2016

I misled you. I let you all believe that we wouldn't be finding out baby snowflake's gender. I'm sorry, but it was necessary! Here's why:

On Mother's Day we went to brunch after an incredible church service. My church gave a house to a single mother with a special needs child!  Check it out here. After brunch we asked my father-in-law to come to the office and help us pick up a piece of furniture, since I can't lift it. When we arrived at the office the ultrasound machine was warmed up and our Peek-A-Boo expert April was waiting for us. As they followed me into the ultrasound room they began to suspect something was up.

We had my sister Michelle, my mom and grandma on Facetime as I climbed up on the table for an ultrasound. Next thing you know we are looking between baby snowflake's legs!  I was so set on seeing a little penis that I was really shocked that "it" was so small. April said, do you want me to say it?  I said "YES!".  She said you're getting what you've already got it's another girl! My reply? "No way! Keep looking!"

We all cheered, laughed, and cried. Especially Brennan who's got her hair stuck in her GG's (her grandpa) shirt buttons. We proceeded to facetime all of the sisters and let April show them the view then once they were sufficiently confused she typed in "It's a Girl" on the screen. We all laughed and cried together!  It was great.

Here are all of the bogus reasons I thought it was a boy:

The Ramzi method which predicts 97% of genders based on early ultrasound said boy.
The Chinese calendar said boy.
The genital tubercle was very prominent at 12 weeks.
2 girls at work that are due within a week of me are both having girls, figured a boy would balance the world out.

I always try to guess the gender of my patient's babies at the early appointments. If the heartbeat is hard to find I call it a boy (too busy moving to be heard). If the heart rate is less than 160, I guess boy. You would think with only 2 options for gender you would be correct 50% of the time. Right?  Well I AM ALWAYS WRONG!  So it's no surprise that I can't guess my own baby's gender either.

Here SHE is!

Check out those arms and legs. The donor dad is 6 foot 6. She will outgrow me in no time. 

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