Toddler Room

Friday, May 6, 2016

I'm excited to get Brennan's big girl room done before baby snowflake arrives this fall. 

We have 1 room in my house that we have painted 3 times since moving in. We moved in 2 years ago!! I refuse to continue repainting rooms so I'm now very careful to make sure that I test the paint colors in the actual room on several different walls before painting.

They make a product called Swatch Right to help with this problem. You apply your paint to their mats and then place your mat on the wall to evaluate the color. Smart, right?

Here's the problem. They charge $14.99 for 3 workmats of 2 swatches.

I found s cheaper, easier, faster alternative. Press 'N' Seal!! For 3 dollars you can save yourself a lot of time and money. Plus you can use it to cover paint when it's not in use, brushes and rollers between coats, and to protect items from splatter. You can also move the swatches from wall to wall to test the color in different light, even different rooms.

Happy Painting!!

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