38 weeks

Thursday, October 13, 2016

The one question I get 10 times a day is, how are you feeling?? I still feel pretty darn good!  My carpal tunnel has returned and my left hand is numb 24 hours a day. My wrist injection lasted about 11 weeks which is pretty good. i'm going to get another one next week just because I'm worried about breastfeeding with this and I know it can take a few weeks after delivery to resolve. Other than that I feel like this baby is very content inside. She likes to rub her big booty on my ribs and I swear sometimes she is strong enough that she could push me over. I was painting Brennan's nails today and she kept pushing where my arm was resting on my belly, I kept messing up!

We survived Hurricane Matthew thanks to our good friends in Augusta, Georgia. We stayed with them 5 nights and returned home just as the power was finally coming back on. We didn't have any issues during the trip there or the return trip and came back to an intact house. We are so grateful!!

Tomorrow starts my first weekend of call since being admitted to MUSC at 26 weeks. I'm on-call the next 4 days and the full moon is on Sunday. Two of my friends/coworkers are due with their little girls this weekend. Typically the hospital makes me contract like crazy but I'm hoping they get to meet their little ones first!  We already know Baby Snowflake likes drama so I wouldn't be surprised if she chose this weekend to come. I'm on call.  Full moon. 1 midwife is out of town. 1 midwife will be (tipsy) at a family wedding. And my husband and I are still in denial. We will see!

Brennan saw my camera and said "mommy, will you take my picture?"  Literally this girl would look at pictures and videos of herself all day if I let her. I'm not sure exactly what we are doing to our child to start that but at the same time I can't blame her. I could look at her all day too!

This is kinda crazy... 32 weeks on the left, 38 weeks on the right. And she has always measured at least a week ahead on ultrasound with a lot of fluid!  I can't wait to see how big she ends up being.

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