Monster Matthew

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

 In honor of our 37th week of pregnancy we are braving the evacuation traffic and heading to Augusta, Georgia. Varying between a Category 3 and Category 4 hurricane Matthew is headed our way. The predictions still change frequently but the Governor of South Carolina declared a state of emergency and is beginning mandatory evacuations.

Our "zone" is not currently required to evacuate but with a toddler and a little one of the way we decided it wasn't safe to stay. Adam wasn't a fan of my unassisted home birth suggestion. Haha. We got on the road at 7:30 this morning and so far everything is moving smoothly. We are so grateful for our unofficial family that is taking us in for the weekend. Not everyone has a safe place to go during this time and we had 2. Thankful for our friends.

On a lighter noted here is the first photo we've seen from our amazing photographer Bump Meet Baby Photography!!!  Isn't this incredible?  The entire scene looks photoshopped but I assure you, it's all real!!

Help us pray for South Carolina and all those effected by this crazy hurricane. Pray his path heads east and stays over vacant waters. Today we are praising God for 37 weeks!!

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