Lining check, bloodwork, med changes

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Had our lining check and bloodwork yesterday.  My lining with our failed transfer was around 7mm. This time it was up to 10mm. A nice fluffy bed for the embryo to implant. My estrogen level was also a little low last time around. This cycle it was much higher. I feel really reassured by my body's response to the new protocol and even more hopeful that this one will stick.

I've moved on from Lupron and start Crinone suppositories tomorrow. I'll keep doing estrogen injections every 3 days through first trimester if this little one sticks. I will also be starting one last antibiotic and a medrol dose pack. With my vitamins and supplements we will be up to 7 pills and 3 suppositories per day plus an injection every 3rd day. Glad I'm pretty organized and can keep it all straight.

We head out of town Sunday night for a Monday morning transfer. Prayers are much appreciated!!

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