Monday, July 27, 2020

March 3rd we got the protocol for transfer number 3 in April. 

March 18th we got an email from the RE that all cycles were being suspended due to COVID 19. We were so sad but also realized it was for the best.

We decided to take advantage of the break and started a monthly Lupron injection in case my endometriosis history was a factor in our first two transfers failing.

Daily Lupron was no big deal. Monthly Lupron, OMG! The menopause symptoms were crazy. Hot flashes and night sweats like you wouldn’t believe.

Then May 20th we got some good news. Cycles were back on! We were scheduled for a June 23rd transfer.

Prenatal vitamins, DHA, vitamin D, baby aspirin, steroids, antibiotics, Estradiol Valerate injections, Estrace suppositories, Crinone suppositories, lovenox injections, an endometrial “scratch” and..... WE ARE FINALLY PREGNANT!!!  

Surro baby due March 11th - the IP's (Intended Parents) are so excited!! I'm so grateful to be on this journey with them.
It's still super early but we've had a few very reassuring ultrasounds. Now please help us pray this little bean keeps growing!!

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