Here we go again, again!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

6 years ago today we traveled to Charleston South Carolina for our first ever frozen embryo transfer (FET).  Blake, formerly know as Baby Snowflake, was our adopted embryo and the first baby that I carried. 

This time 2 years ago we were about to have our second FET for my journey as a gestational carrier. That transfer failed, then COVID lock down, and eventually we got pregnant after our third transfer in June 2020. My sweet surro-baby ("Baby Butterfly") is now about to turn 1!!!  We have had such an amazing experience before during and after the birth. We've seen the family several times since then and are so grateful for their friendship. 


Which brings us to now. I could probably give you 15 reasons why we have come to this decision but I'll just go with #1.  We had an amazing experience with our first journey and I just HAD to do it again. 

We decided to go with an agency this time... can you say surrogacy concierge?? We have matched, passed medical clearance, signed contracts and started meds. I've been in medically induced menopause for the last 2 months. We have our baseline ultrasound in a few days then start meds for transfer in March!! 

Our new IP's (Intended Parents) are awesome!!  We've only met in person once but have chatted over the phone and through zoom as well. I look forward to seeing them again for our upcoming transfer. They remind me a lot of our previous IP's.  She too was able to carry her first child but had complications and ended up with a life saving hysterectomy. I have been blessed with fairly uncomplicated pregnancies and births and am grateful to be able to share this part of myself again with someone in need.

We appreciate all of the love and support from each of you and ask for your prayers for this upcoming journey.

Bring it on!!


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