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Monday, February 28, 2022

The clinic wanted us to wait until my last surro baby was 1 before transferring for our second journey. So we are transferring Thursday March 3rd, a week before her 1st birthday.  

This protocol has been very similar to my last (successful) transfer per my request. We started a long acting Lupron for endometriosis suppression back in November.  Did 1 shot each month for 2 months and enjoyed hundreds of hot-flashes.  So grateful to do that part in winter!  Then this month we started the pretty typical protocol (oral estrogen, injectable progesterone or progesterone in oil/PIO injections).  We had a baseline lining check to make sure everything was suppressed and an "endometrial scratch" which is thought to increase the chances of implantation.  

During my routine lining check 1 week prior to transfer the lining was nice and fluffy (similar to my cycle with my keeper) but the sonographer couldn't document that it had the trilaminar or triple stripe appearance. I began to stress as this clinic required a trilaminar appearance for transfer. They decided to bring me to their clinic (2 hours away) to see the lining for themselves and to decide on next steps.

I was panicking!  I couldn't believe that the 2 months of menopause and endometrial scratch (not terrible but not fun) could have been for nothing!!  I was devastated. I drove the 2 1/2 hour drive the next day and stayed over night to not risk traffic in the morning. On my way I listened to surrogacy podcasts interviewing different surrogates.  One of the surrogates that was interviewed had a similar experience and her 2 day recheck showed a perfect lining which then turned into a successful transfer. I was in tears.  My mother-in-law would call this a little God wink.. He gave me just enough to calm my nerves and remind me that He is in control.

The next morning the Intended Mom (IM) met me at the clinic.  We headed into the ultrasound together and got the best news.  My lining was the perfect thickness and pattern and we were cleared for transfer!!  The nurse gave me my first IM PIO injection at the clinic. Hers has hurt ever since. Fortunately my husband is a pro at this point and they have been going much better since he took over. We head back to Georgia Wednesday afternoon for a Thursday transfer and then back to Greenville Friday.  I can't wait to hopefully spend a little time with our Intended Parents and then get this baby on board!!  

So grateful for my in-laws watching the girls and my neighbors taking care of the dog while we are gone.  It really does take a village!

Prayers for a sticky baby please!!

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