Shots, Pills and Suppositories OH MY!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

3 days ago I had my lining check and blood work. I believe the goal is for an endometrial thickness of at least 8 mm. My lining was 12mm!  It had a beautiful triple stripe appearance which just shows that the lining has had a good response to the estrogen supplements and that it's making a beautiful fluffy bed for our little snowflake! 

Having never gone through IVF before we haven't had any interaction with our embryologist. He is the one who makes, babysits, freezes, thaws and prepares embryos. We currently have 4 embryos. He has decided to thaw the "youngest" embryo first. 1 of the embryos achieved the best stage for freezing on day 5. The other 3 embryos took any extra day of growing to achieve the same stage. He thinks our chances will be best with the embryo that got to that stage the fastest. We will be transferring a Day 5 4BA assuming "he" survives the thaw. Our embryologist says that 80-90% of embryos like ours will survive the thaw.

My meds have increased significantly this week. I did my last shot today (woo-whoo!). I am taking 13 pills per day in addition to 2 suppositories daily. These meds will continue until Sunday then I go down to just 10 pills and 2 suppositories every day. I remember thinking how hard it was to remember to take birth control pills every day. I even have a hard time taking antibiotics as often as prescribed. But when you are taking medications to make a baby it's surprisingly easy to remember. Guess when you think about getting pregnant every minute of every day it's easy to remember the medications used to achieve it.

morning meds

As a midwife my life is always baby-crazy. In the past week a dear friend of mine had her baby (after being told she would NEVER get pregnant without IVF... had a natural pregnancy not even a month later), another friend is having her baby today and another just recently found out she is expecting. Praying for all of these babies and future babies. Being a mom is one of life's greatest blessings (next to God's grace) and I pray that the Lord keeps these babies safe.

Prayer requests:
We are praying that my body continues to do what it needs to do to grow our precious snowflake into a healthy little baby.

Pray for our transfer Monday February 8th at 2:30 pm!!

We continue to pray for all of the women out there trying to find their babies. Be it natural pregnancy, IUI, IVF, donor sperm, donor eggs, donor embryos, domestic adoption or international adoption I pray that God grants each of you your heart's desires. A good friend once told me that "your baby will find you" and I pray that yours does find you.

This is the Bible verse I read on the morning Brennan's birth mom signed the consent and we got to meet her for the first time. I didn't chose it, it was part of a reading plan app for that day. I had and have been praying for God to grant our heart's desires. God does speak to us through His word and in that moment I knew the consent would be signed and she would be ours forever.

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