Friday, February 19, 2016

Today is the Day!!

I am officially 11 days past transfer. My "quant" or "beta" is today. This will determine exactly how much HCG (pregnancy hormone) is in my bloodstream, if any. Anything >5 is considered pregnant. The most important thing is that the number doubles after 48 hours.

So now I need a favor. I entered Brennan into a Cutest Kid contest. If she wins she gets a free photo session. If she wins over ALL of the kids (like 300 votes) she will free photo sessions for a year. How great would that be!? Especially if we end up with another little baby. Free sessions would be amazing!

Now we bargain. If you all help Brennan win, I will post the Beta HCG results here today, as soon as I get them!  Otherwise I will make you wait until all of my family has been notified and I have time to either celebrate or grieve.

Click this link and like Brennan's photo. Contest ends at noon!!!

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