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Monday, February 8, 2016

Transfer is officially done. They initially thawed the "youngest" embryo, a Day 5 4BA but when they looked under the microscope there was no embryo to be found. He then thawed the next best (a Day 6 5AA I believe) and the cells expanded perfectly. The goal is for 100% of the cells to expand with no cell damage. The minimum is 50% expansion. He saw no cell damage and it expanded beautifully. 

The transfer itself was a breeze, the uterus looked great and everything seems to be going perfect! They plan for us to have a quantitative HCG on February 19th. If positive it will be repeated 2 days later. This kind of blood work will give us a number for the amount of pregnancy hormone that will be monitored for 3 tests to ensure it is rising appropriately. We may do a home urine pregnancy test before then but  I don't know for sure!! 

Keep those prayers coming!! 

Also please pray for baby Jude. He had a long complicated spinal surgery today and we need God's power to heal him.

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